Who We Are

Ridge Top Timber Treehouse Design is a construction company that has been operating since 2008 in the United States.

We are a serious and reliable construction company. Over the years of our activity we have already completed over 100 building projects to the full satisfaction of the clients.


We deal with complete designs and renovations of apartments, houses, and villas (including cadastral practices), as well as furnishings and interior design solutions. We carry out complete renovations of shops and offices, maintenance of warehouses, factories, factories, warehouses, and all types of industrial buildings. We also handle refurbishment of condominium facades (including the coat of the condominium ), works, and condominium maintenance of all kinds.

We design and customize the house and apartment you want. We carry out the work with the utmost attention. Our main concern is to do an excellent renovation job for you, taking care of every problem, transforming the renovation from a stressful burden into a pleasant and rewarding experience for you, your family, or your business.


If you are an architect and you are looking for a serious and reliable construction company for a renovation project to be carried out, Ridge Top Timber Treehouse Design is the right interlocutor. It is a pleasure for us to participate in renovation projects coordinated by other architects and surveyors. Contact us for an interview.

If you are a real estate operator, and you often have to intervene with renovations on the properties you manage, we are the right company to intervene to renew and enhance your real estate assets. We will help you to organize a maintenance plan to safeguard investments, both for an intervention urgent arrangement of houses. villas, apartments, and business buildings.