Roof Renovation

Roof renovation - Belisol Home Renovations

Roof care and building maintenance are essential to keep homes safe and in good condition, to protect your home with roofing from rain and atmospheric agents. The renovation of the roof carried out by Ridge Top Timber Treehouse Design, professionals in the sector, is a guarantee of durability.


A waterproofing work is required when building a new house or deciding to renovate an old one. It serves to avoid the infiltration of water while maintaining the passage of water vapor necessary for good ventilation of the houses.
To improve thermal insulation it is also possible to waterproof other areas of the houses such as the foundations, work often necessary to protect the structure from humidity.
Balconies and terraces.
They must be waterproofed and kept under control regularly since they are outdoor spaces that, like roofs, are exposed to rain and atmospheric agents and can degrade over time.

Asbestos remediation

The removal or remediation of the Eternit must be carried out by competent and authorized companies that know where and how to dispose of the materials, taking care of this delicate work in complete safety.
The first solution is to eliminate the asbestos sheets by proceeding to an appropriate disposal.
If it is not possible to permanently eliminate asbestos, there are some remediation possibilities such as confinement or encapsulation.
The first method involves the laying of a new slab on top of the asbestos slab that borders the asbestos from the outside, while the second solution consists in covering and encapsulating with resistant and waterproofing slabs and is generally the cheapest solution. It does not last over time and must be redone after a few years.

Building roofing

We also deal with the roofing of houses which have always been a hallmark of the same, giving importance to aesthetics, quality and functionality. 

We also create wooden roofs, canopies and canopies that are the ideal solution to thermally insulate rooms from outside temperatures and help reduce consumption costs for heating during the cold seasons.

Life lines and fall arrest systems

The new safety regulations require the installation on any roof of lifelines and anti-fall anchoring systems to which individual protection systems can be attached. If you have not yet installed a fall protection system, you can contact us for information.


A work in tinsmiths is a service that can start from the construction of a gutter for the disposal of rainwater, up to the roof of an industrial warehouse made of materials and techniques chosen by the customer to make the structure itself more efficient. The installation of insulated sheets, for example, facilitates the acoustic thermal insulation of the shed, eliminates drafts and external noise and, consequently, allows to save considerably on utility costs.

The incentives and tax breaks from 50 to 65% have been extended to the whole of 2016, for this reason, the construction works aimed at improving energy efficiency in existing buildings can enjoy a tax relief deductible from the IRPEF.