Industrial Construction

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Industrial construction, a branch of industrial design, offers increasingly innovative and quality services and solutions and includes all constructions for commercial and public use to satisfy all the client’s needs.
The industrial construction sector is experiencing continuous expansion. The presence of important professional figures such as architects, engineers, surveyors, workers, builders, and numerous qualified professionals give life to the Ridge Top Timber Treehouse Design team.

This sector offers countless services and provides advanced means and equipment for the building transformation of existing industrial sites, the change of intended use of the same, and structural and regulatory adjustments.
The industrial building sector offers the design and construction of newly constructed commercial and production buildings, paying particular attention to the plant engineering aspects dedicated to the type of end-user.

Ridge Top Timber Treehouse Design is able to design and build the different types of buildings for industrial use, the most common:

the construction of shopping centers,
– chemical plants,
– major civil works,
– operational offices,
– logistics centers,
– warehouses and warehouses,
– industrial production complexes,
– multifunctional centers.

These are just some of the solutions belonging to the plant engineering sector, but among the product innovations, there is also talk of safety and quality in respect of the environment and the workplace.
The protection of the environment is very important, but also the health of workers, therefore it is important to take into account some fundamental factors: – to
work in full compliance with community, local and national regulations.