Home Renovation: How to Choose Your Team of Specialists

To renovate your house or apartment , choose your work team correctly and plan the works . Relying on experienced professionals to guide the work will save you time, resources, and stress during the renovation, and at the end of the work you can enjoy your home without surprises.


When starting a renovation of a house or an apartment, the main secrets to save money and energy are:

  • to collaborate with experienced professionals
  • contact an architect
  • devote time and energy to the design phase

Having a renovation professional at your service and carefully planning the steps to take allows you to limit the unexpected, and therefore save on possible problems and surprises.


Always keep these important points in mind, and your home renovation will have no problems.


Who is not a construction professional, cannot know the news on technologies, materials, and the ways of renovating the houses that must be used in the renovation of an apartment. Those who are not professionals simply remake what they have already learned to do once.

But, in addition to technique and manpower, renovating a house requires taste, sensitivity, attention to proportions and combinations . You cannot expect particularly valuable solutions from those who do not work professionally in the sector, or do not carry out these activities daily, and make themselves available at a low price. If you know how much a professional will cost you, you don’t know how much a less competent one will cost you in the end.

Before entrusting the solidity and beauty of your home to unskilled personnel at reduced rates, think carefully. It would be better to rely on professionals who, in addition to guaranteeing you a quality intervention, will allow you to save time and money. What time and money? Those that you would otherwise use to learn and perfect processes that a professional already knows, and that he could apply right away.

Most importantly, if you decide to go it alone or with an unprofessional team, you could make mistakes, which in a renovation could have devastating effects on the entire project and your finances, as well as cause damage to tenants, neighbors and other residents. .

Integrate different solutions and technologies

An architect is not just a professional trained to make the interior and exterior of a house more pleasant; an architect has the knowledge to integrate various combined solutions relating to different building systems, energy efficiency, home automation, and much more into a home renovation .

Resolve unexpected events

Having a company architect who coordinates the work protects you from the occurrence of many technical and above all organizational unforeseen events. If multiple people have to work in your renovation, it is very likely that there will be conflicts of specifications, misunderstandings, and design reviews will be necessary for some unexpected detail.

Manage teams of professionals

In a renovation project, an architect knows what he must communicate for each plant, to each professional. Even if the work to be done can be traced back to a small renovation, the guidance of an architect can quickly start and complete the work of several teams of professionals.

A close-knit team

Entrusting the renovation work to an architect who controls a team of professionals allows you to take advantage of an already established team with engineers, workers, unskilled workers, blacksmiths, plumbers, electricians, parquet workers who have already been working together for some time; therefore relying on a proven team allows you to take advantage of the practices, roles and times that the team has built up over time.

Less money and less stress

In most cases, deciding to save and not entrust the construction to an architect is a choice that only initially appears economically viable , because the final bill will be higher, in terms of unexpected expenses, stress and frustration. The final expense will be all the more expensive the more you tend to choose forced low-cost solutions, underestimating the costs and complexity of a home renovation project.

Saving: investing in design

To protect yourself against unexpected expenses, the best way is to invest in design with an architect . Planning jobs, predicting, and solving problems in advance takes far less time and far fewer resources than fixing problems once you are faced with them.

It is also worth remembering that the client’s criminal responsibilities are set out in Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments and additions; the decree requires that the client must always verify the technical-professional suitability of the contractor, as well as assess risks, and check the regular application of the national labor contract for construction work. In case of violations, complaints are foreseen against the customer.


Renovating your home doesn’t have to become a full-time job for you; however, an architect can explain to you what your role is in the project, what is expected of you, and how you can help make it easier.

Communicate with the team

Obviously, make sure you have all the specifics you have in mind, how you would like your home to finish, and any problems you are already aware of. Nobody can read your mind, so your communication with architect and company is important, especially when starting up.

Produce clear documents and read other people’s documents

Getting your share of the work done also means becoming familiar with some of the ways team members communicate. To agree on the timing of the work, the architects use two-dimensional charts (Gantt charts); learn to read them carefully. Write your indications to the architect and the company, and do not rely only on interviews, chats and the memories of each one.

Understanding the important parts of the project

When needed, ask the team about important parts of the renovation. Organize regular alignment meetings with architect and company. If you don’t understand something, ask it. It is better to ask for the same thing twice, rather than having a bad job at home forever.