Challenges In Ocean Transport Logistics


The logistics of land transport has to overcome several challenges to survive and lead in a sector that has a lot of competitiveness. The key to standing out is to renew and innovate in sustainability and technology. These points will make a difference in achieving significant cost savings and successfully meeting security challenges.

Challenges in land transport logistics

1.Control Of The Carrier During Dispatch

It is very important to keep a check on the carrier because unplanned actions can lead to behaviors that are not positive for the company. As, for example, a last-minute change of the planned route, carelessness of the merchandise for not knowing how to proceed in a situation.

Any of these situations will result in an unsatisfactory experience for the client that will negatively affect the image of the company. The most efficient solution to avoid all these problems is to create clear rules for all possible situations that the driver may encounter.

2.Real-Time Product Tracking

The company must not lose sight of the merchandise in any part of the route. Therefore, having better real-time control of the product provides us with information on any abnormal situation.

This will allow you to react in time and be able to give an effective solution to this unexpected problem. Most unforeseen events can be solved in time, avoiding consequences that can lead to bigger problems. 

3.Decreased Customer Uncertainty In The Last Mile

When placing an order, the customer usually goes through a stage of great uncertainty about the administrative status of the ordered product, where it is located, and when it will arrive at its destination. Given these customer demands, the transport company will have to implement a system that allows it to provide information to the customer in real-time, in a clear and simple way. 

4.Sustainable Logistics

Perhaps this is the biggest challenge that land transport logistics will have to overcome since it is the biggest cause of environmental pollution due to CO2 emissions and fuel consumption

A great solution to this challenge is the incorporation of hybrid and electric vehicles into the transport fleet. There is another complementary solution that is already in place in many companies, it is platooning. It is a system with two or more trucks communicated electronically.


Security is one of the challenges in land transport logistics that it will have to face. Since this year there has been a significant increase in cases of robbery with violence in motor transport. This situation has generated a millionaire annual loss. Forcing many companies to invest more in insurance, tracking devices, and GPS anti-jammers.

Alternatively, you can opt for sea freight, which might take longer but able to transport bulkier products than land. At Sooner Logistics, we offer quality ocean container unloading and help you deliver them to your final destination.