Challenges In Ocean Transport Logistics


The logistics of land transport has to overcome several challenges to survive and lead in a sector that has a lot of competitiveness. The key to standing out is to renew and innovate in sustainability and technology. These points will make a difference in achieving significant cost savings and successfully meeting security challenges.

Challenges in land transport logistics

1.Control Of The Carrier During Dispatch

It is very important to keep a check on the carrier because unplanned actions can lead to behaviors that are not positive for the company. As, for example, a last-minute change of the planned route, carelessness of the merchandise for not knowing how to proceed in a situation.

Any of these situations will result in an unsatisfactory experience for the client that will negatively affect the image of the company. The most efficient solution to avoid all these problems is to create clear rules for all possible situations that the driver may encounter.

2.Real-Time Product Tracking

The company must not lose sight of the merchandise in any part of the route. Therefore, having better real-time control of the product provides us with information on any abnormal situation.

This will allow you to react in time and be able to give an effective solution to this unexpected problem. Most unforeseen events can be solved in time, avoiding consequences that can lead to bigger problems. 

3.Decreased Customer Uncertainty In The Last Mile

When placing an order, the customer usually goes through a stage of great uncertainty about the administrative status of the ordered product, where it is located, and when it will arrive at its destination. Given these customer demands, the transport company will have to implement a system that allows it to provide information to the customer in real-time, in a clear and simple way. 

4.Sustainable Logistics

Perhaps this is the biggest challenge that land transport logistics will have to overcome since it is the biggest cause of environmental pollution due to CO2 emissions and fuel consumption

A great solution to this challenge is the incorporation of hybrid and electric vehicles into the transport fleet. There is another complementary solution that is already in place in many companies, it is platooning. It is a system with two or more trucks communicated electronically.


Security is one of the challenges in land transport logistics that it will have to face. Since this year there has been a significant increase in cases of robbery with violence in motor transport. This situation has generated a millionaire annual loss. Forcing many companies to invest more in insurance, tracking devices, and GPS anti-jammers.

Alternatively, you can opt for sea freight, which might take longer but able to transport bulkier products than land. At Sooner Logistics, we offer quality ocean container unloading and help you deliver them to your final destination.

Frame and Design a Frozen Storage Warehouse

If you deal with the frozen food supply chain, then you must invest in a cold storage unit. Once you find a reliable provider of the cold storage unit, you will be confident of preserving your food for the recommended time. So how do you choose the appropriate cold storage warehouse?

• Consider the nearness and access

A reliable cold storage facility manufacturer should be close enough to your growing or production site. This way, you will not have to spend too much on transportation costs. Other than the proximity, the warehouse must be easy to access.

The major transport routes should be easy to access the warehouse without any problem. Several vehicles should easily get in and out of the facility without any difficulty. When there is easy access, and the warehouse is near the production site, it will enhance the operation.

• Logistics and track record integration

A lot of frozen food supply chains prefer to outsource their logistical operation to a different provider. This way, it will save the time, effort, and resources of the business. You also have a get chance to deal with skilled warehouse experts that also specialize in the logistics industry.

• The design/build of the warehouse

When choosing a cold storage warehouse, it is always recommended to consider the design and build. The warehouse must be made to conserve energy while still delivering enough cold storage. For the design, check that the warehouse comes with external cladding, insulated panels, as well as recycled heating systems.

• The size

Every frozen storage warehouse comes with a specific size for storing perishable products. That is why you need to be keen on the size of the warehouse. The size should be big enough to let you store your items without any space limitations.

Luckily, some cold warehouse makers can customize the warehouse to suit you accordingly. Always ensure that you get the cold storage warehouse from a reputable dealer. A good dealer should help you get a warehouse that will serve you accordingly while still saving you money. They should also give you tips on how to take care of the warehouse.

Never purchase a cold storage warehouse from a pushy seller. Rather, the dealer should only give you information about the storage warehouse and let you decide if it is good for your business.

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How to Decide the Budget for a Renovation

How to decide the renovation budget you have in mind? When you are starting the renovation of your home, tailored to your finances, you inevitably plan to redo, rethink, double-check, verify, until you fix the exact budget.


Matching the restructuring of your dreams with the reality of your finances can sometimes be a very complicated challenge. But there is a lot you can do to get the house you want at the right price. The first step is to start the renovation with a team of professionals

How to continue? Here are some tips for working with the professionals on your team to bring your renovation idea to life , understand the costs realistically, and refine the plan to fit the costs of the work into your budget.


Once you have selected the professionals responsible for the renovations, arrange a meeting to clarify your ideas about the renovation . Eg, make a list of the things you absolutely want in your home, find pictures of houses that inspired you, show solved cases that match what you want. The architect and possibly the designer will ask you a series of questions about how you want to use the spaces , how you live on a daily basis, and which materials and styles you prefer.

These initial meetings are extremely important for the renovation of your home, as they will allow architects and designers to proceed in successive steps from an initial plan to the final project, to detailed work plans. It will be a process of subsequent reviews, aimed at obtaining the house you want, while respecting your finances.


The next step after the first meeting is to take the measurements of the house and evaluate in detail the current conditions of the apartments, producing a detailed plan of the house.

The more detailed information you gather about the house at the beginning, the fewer changes and surprises you will face during construction. The plan of the house will become an essential tool for the architect during the design phases of the renovation solutions.


When the architect has drawn up a first initial solution project with the right measures, with the main works to be carried out and a possible selection of materials and systems (the metric calculation), then it is possible to obtain a cost estimate by contacting a company construction, or ask for quotes from several different companies and compare them later.

Comparing the estimates of different companies for jobs does not mean doing a race to the bottom and hunting for those who ask for the smallest sum at any cost. The evaluations you will get from different companies can be references of how much the jobs could cost on average. The actual final cost will depend on the quality of the finishes and the materials that you will select with the architect and company.

Perhaps one firm will estimate $120,000, another $150,000, yet another $180,000. The goal of this initial cost comparison is to gain confidence in the possible costs of your project, and give you possible directions in which to move.


Even without a fully defined work plan, you can simplify quotes to make them easily comparable. Organize your metric calculation by indicating a minimum and maximum expenditure for certain materials or processes, such as taps, floors, systems, or lights.

In the request for an estimate, for some of the items of expenditure, ask your architect to indicate the minimum and maximum costs , or the margins within which the companies will have to move. In this way, the estimates you will receive from the various companies will be highly uniform, and the only variations between the various proposals will be related to processing times, labor costs, management, etc.

When you have all the preventi, the architect can compare the prices in the offers of the different companies , make sure that they have included the same solutions, and that no company has forgotten anything. Also in this case, having the experience of an architect to read the offers and understand the order of magnitude of the costs, ensures that the estimates are actually comparable and meaningful.

Home Renovation: How to Choose Your Team of Specialists

To renovate your house or apartment , choose your work team correctly and plan the works . Relying on experienced professionals to guide the work will save you time, resources, and stress during the renovation, and at the end of the work you can enjoy your home without surprises.


When starting a renovation of a house or an apartment, the main secrets to save money and energy are:

  • to collaborate with experienced professionals
  • contact an architect
  • devote time and energy to the design phase

Having a renovation professional at your service and carefully planning the steps to take allows you to limit the unexpected, and therefore save on possible problems and surprises.


Always keep these important points in mind, and your home renovation will have no problems.


Who is not a construction professional, cannot know the news on technologies, materials, and the ways of renovating the houses that must be used in the renovation of an apartment. Those who are not professionals simply remake what they have already learned to do once.

But, in addition to technique and manpower, renovating a house requires taste, sensitivity, attention to proportions and combinations . You cannot expect particularly valuable solutions from those who do not work professionally in the sector, or do not carry out these activities daily, and make themselves available at a low price. If you know how much a professional will cost you, you don’t know how much a less competent one will cost you in the end.

Before entrusting the solidity and beauty of your home to unskilled personnel at reduced rates, think carefully. It would be better to rely on professionals who, in addition to guaranteeing you a quality intervention, will allow you to save time and money. What time and money? Those that you would otherwise use to learn and perfect processes that a professional already knows, and that he could apply right away.

Most importantly, if you decide to go it alone or with an unprofessional team, you could make mistakes, which in a renovation could have devastating effects on the entire project and your finances, as well as cause damage to tenants, neighbors and other residents. .

Integrate different solutions and technologies

An architect is not just a professional trained to make the interior and exterior of a house more pleasant; an architect has the knowledge to integrate various combined solutions relating to different building systems, energy efficiency, home automation, and much more into a home renovation .

Resolve unexpected events

Having a company architect who coordinates the work protects you from the occurrence of many technical and above all organizational unforeseen events. If multiple people have to work in your renovation, it is very likely that there will be conflicts of specifications, misunderstandings, and design reviews will be necessary for some unexpected detail.

Manage teams of professionals

In a renovation project, an architect knows what he must communicate for each plant, to each professional. Even if the work to be done can be traced back to a small renovation, the guidance of an architect can quickly start and complete the work of several teams of professionals.

A close-knit team

Entrusting the renovation work to an architect who controls a team of professionals allows you to take advantage of an already established team with engineers, workers, unskilled workers, blacksmiths, plumbers, electricians, parquet workers who have already been working together for some time; therefore relying on a proven team allows you to take advantage of the practices, roles and times that the team has built up over time.

Less money and less stress

In most cases, deciding to save and not entrust the construction to an architect is a choice that only initially appears economically viable , because the final bill will be higher, in terms of unexpected expenses, stress and frustration. The final expense will be all the more expensive the more you tend to choose forced low-cost solutions, underestimating the costs and complexity of a home renovation project.

Saving: investing in design

To protect yourself against unexpected expenses, the best way is to invest in design with an architect . Planning jobs, predicting, and solving problems in advance takes far less time and far fewer resources than fixing problems once you are faced with them.

It is also worth remembering that the client’s criminal responsibilities are set out in Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments and additions; the decree requires that the client must always verify the technical-professional suitability of the contractor, as well as assess risks, and check the regular application of the national labor contract for construction work. In case of violations, complaints are foreseen against the customer.


Renovating your home doesn’t have to become a full-time job for you; however, an architect can explain to you what your role is in the project, what is expected of you, and how you can help make it easier.

Communicate with the team

Obviously, make sure you have all the specifics you have in mind, how you would like your home to finish, and any problems you are already aware of. Nobody can read your mind, so your communication with architect and company is important, especially when starting up.

Produce clear documents and read other people’s documents

Getting your share of the work done also means becoming familiar with some of the ways team members communicate. To agree on the timing of the work, the architects use two-dimensional charts (Gantt charts); learn to read them carefully. Write your indications to the architect and the company, and do not rely only on interviews, chats and the memories of each one.

Understanding the important parts of the project

When needed, ask the team about important parts of the renovation. Organize regular alignment meetings with architect and company. If you don’t understand something, ask it. It is better to ask for the same thing twice, rather than having a bad job at home forever.