Design Process

Timber_Frame_Design_Services Process

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The preliminary design phase

During this phase the basic footprint of the structure is established. Information derived from site plans and elevations, architectural drawings, pictures and sketches are reviewed and a plan is established. The location, elevation, and code requirements are determine. The species (types) of wood and any special structural requirements are also determined.


Hard copy site plan drawings are created and delivered so the site can be verified. The structure will fit the site.

The intermediate design phase

This phase will establish walls, stairways, doorways, and how the structure will be used. The ?? of timber frame is started, working from the ground up and the post locations are established. Roof pitches and interior volumes are evaluated. The frame takes its initial form.


The feel of the frame can be seen with 3D images of elevations, plans and perspectives. Posts, girts, rafters and purlins are placed. Images are sent via email – which is fast and efficient. Hard copy drawings are also delivered.

The Final Design Phase

Braces, housings and joinery are established for each element. A timber and production list is created. The frame is structurally evaluated. Sips and windows are attached. Stairways are designed. Foundation point loads and foundation are designed with floor joists.


Hard copies of plans and elevations are delivered for esthetic evaluation. Working drawings are prepared and sent for state and local approval and for trade bidding.

Production Phase

The timber frame production package is created for bids and, ultimately, for cutting and assembly. Panel drawings are delivered to panel manufacturers for bid.

Follow up Phase

Ridgetop will continue monitoring of the project through completion. When additional details or questions, concerns and revisions arise, Ridgetop will be there.


Whatever is required to complete the project. There are often changes or improvements that can be made after the project is released. Ridgetop will be there to help implement all of requests.

The Bottom Line

Ridgetop will give you the design, the knowledge and the confidence to successfully complete your timber frame project.