Design Costs

The cost involved in the design of a structure and foundation is based on the amount of time required to produce the final product. A very simple frame which consists of 30 or 40 components will require less time to design than a structure with 200 or more components. Also, multiple client-driven modifications to the design will extend the time and cost of the structure.

Designs are created with the assistance of a component library which contains thousands of standard parts that can be inserted into a design in very quickly. This allows Ridgetop to efficiently design a structure and that time saved is money saved by the client.

The base rate for Ridgetop Design service is $50.00 per hour. There are no additional billings for printing, plotting and standard postage. The client will be invoiced for special request transmittals such as Federal Express Overnight shipping. There is no charge for telephone correspondence of 10 minutes or less.

An initial retainer, generally $500.00, is requested to initiate the project. Billing will be monthly (net 15 days).

A simple contract is available if requested.

Bid and Proposal Efforts

Ridgetop will provide all of the drawings and documentation required to successfully issue bid packages to all parties involved in the build effort. The bid and proposal efforts will assure you that you are receiving the best price and quality for the money. This process often offsets the total cost of the design.

Drawings and documents can be mailed or emailed directly to bidders allowing you to be in control of the process. Ridgetop will be available to comment and advise on quotes, if requested.

Bid packages commonly issued by Ridgetop

  • Foundation slabs, walls and radiant floors
  • Engineered floor joist and stick framing
  • Timber for the project in Bd. Ft.
  • Timber framers for cutting and reaction
  • Window and door packages
  • Roofing and siding packages
  • Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical formats.


What you will receive from Ridgetop

A timber frame design is a compilation of many ideas form many sources. Ridgetop has the ability make these ideas a reality by and transforming them into functional images and documents.